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Quote (CeilingCat @ July 14 2008,03:40)
Speaking of Dembski and the faith healer, there's one thing that has always bothered me about religion.  I first noticed it as a child when I saw a picture of a religious procession somewhere in Europe, Italy I think.  

It was a group of village people in their church clothes walking through the streets carrying a platform with the Virgin Mary on it - a 3d figure of her sitting on a chair.

In the procession were several priests, in their fanciest robes, and half of them were wearing big black Buddy Holly style glasses.

And I remember thinking then, "Wait, you're worshipping the greatest power in the universe, a Being that you claim is both all-powerful and all-knowing, a Being you're counting on to heal you while you're on earth and take you away to paradise when you die and you're praying and processing and doing every thing you can think of to make him like you and help you - and he can't even cure your nearsightedness??

Something wrong here.

Yeah - I think that was right before Mary created the Miracle That Is Lasik Eye-surgery.

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