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(Permalink) Posted: July 12 2008,13:37   

Quote (Dr.GH @ July 12 2008,19:23)
Quote (Louis @ July 12 2008,11:14)
Wait a second, this all seems totally cracked to me.

Firstly, regardless of the rights or wrongs of PZ's comments he hasn't actually done anything or incited anyone to do anything illegal.


Again, if you want to be the test case, I will watch your case with great interest.

Test case for what? Destroying a cookie? Pissing on a book? Line them up! Whoever tries to bring charges for any of that will be done for wasting police time!

Test case for buying a communion wafer or having someone get one from church and sending it to me? Again, a waste of police time.

Test case for beating up/threatening/stealing from catholics because they are catholics? Ahhhhhhhhh now we have something! But then neither PZ, nor I, nor anyone but a bigot, are doing this, advocating this or would ever do this.

I suggest you get a new strawman Gary.


ETA: dun edit for teh english or something very much unlike it.


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