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Arden Chatfield


(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 09 2006,11:37   

<quote>And it has never been explained how the Nazis were supposedly able to reliably distinguish Jews from non-Jews. </quote>

Again, try and think before you speak, you stupid little nonentity.

If you read a history book ot two that wasn't written by David Irving, you would realize it was quite easy for the German Army to find the Jews in Europe. The Jews had distinctive names, they tended to live in their own ghettos and neighborhoods, they often held different occupations from everyone else, and they went to temple. In most of Europe, especially eastern Europe, they were still <b>very segregated</b>. Moreover, the local gentiles all knew who and where the Jews were (since they had lived near them for centuries), there was pervasive antisemitism, and so in many countries, the local gentiles enthusiastically handed the Jews over to the Nazis.

This is all documented VERY WELL. If you read history books about WW2 that weren't written by other lying antisemitic boneheads like yourself, you would <b>know</b> this.

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