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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 18 2006,08:10   

<quote>Whatever damage was being done was not irreversible. The alleged damage to the impressionable minds of the students could have been undone by brainwashing those minds in the great truths of evolution theory.


Larry provides a living case example that disproves his own statement.

If post-hoc exposure to actual data and evidence could "brainwash" anybody, you would be our willing slave by now.  We've spent weeks directing him to the completely verifiable mountains of evidence detailing aspects and support of evolutionary theory, but he consistently puts his hands over his eyes and willfully ignores it.

psychological defense mechanisms know no bounds; once exposed to a general set of theories that fit a pre-supposed worldview, it's quite hard to shake.

I personally have witnessed what happens when kids of high school age are exposed to slick but mis-representative ideas like ID.  they initially cause mass confusion at best, and completely confirm ideologies for some.

that's why we teach science in science class, because it's based on evidence and experiment, not supposition and ideology.

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