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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 06 2012,19:18   

Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Oct. 06 2012,18:16)
If you are bored of the shitty little dustbin that is UD, and are overwhelmed by the dueling queefs at TSZ, then This Tard Is For You

not shitting, dumbest creationist ever

This guy makes Joe look like Christopher Hitchens.  Before you get your dander up, manage your expectations.  But if you'd like a clear peek deep (relatively) into the mind of an absolutely ignoranter than fuckall batshit looneytoons fundie, Chad Elliot is your wildest dreams

I was gonna click on the link.  And then I thought, wait just a minute.  I've seen posts by BA^77, and I've seen too many lengthy posts by GEM of ICKY, and I've been at UD more times than i can count....and I'm forced to watch some of the stupidest ads ever created by republicans aired for this election.  Do I really need to see another stupid creo IDCist?  And I decied no, I do not.

BUT maybe you can bring him here, or report on the stupid?
I'm not sure I can handle the straight stupid anymore.

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Come on Tough Guy, do the little dance of ID impotence you do so well. - Louis to Joe G 2/10

Gullibility is not a virtue - Quidam on Dembski's belief in the Bible Code Faith Healers & ID 7/08

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