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[Graffiti moved to Bathroom Wall. - Wesley R. Elsberry]

Hey, I'm not the one who mistook a newsblurb for a scientific survey, and then switched to a different set of figures when pressed for more detail.
 I never mistook any newsblurb for a scientific survey.  I merely did some Google searches for data on the subject at hand.  I didn't find your data, I found other data.  And multiple sources of data so you couldn't claim that I was cooking the numbers.  I'm still not convinced that the vicitmization methodology is superior to raw numbers.  I see flaws in both systems of data gathering.  I really don't care enough to get into a debate on which one is better.  However, I'm glad that you were able to explain the discrepency between the data per my asking.

But the time from Roe v. Wade to the Reagan presidency was only 8 years, just as I wrote, apparently to no avail. And that's when crime started falling.
   Naturally you point to a few years of less crime in the '80s and ignore the 20% drop in crime in the '90s.  Your link shows such a drop.  I'm not talking about the year to year fluctuations here.  I'm talking about the plummeting trend that happens to be 20 years after Roe vs. Wade.

You seem to not understand the difference between people trying to take credit for change, and people being responible for that change.  I couldn't care less that you find papers where people claim to have made the world better.  Correlation and Causation aren't the same.  If I cared more and had the time, I'd bother to find published arguments that claim that Guiliani is not responsible for the majority of the crime drop in NY.  I'll give credit where credit is due though, and say that a good portion of the drop IN NY was to his policies.

I'd like to point out that yes, the murder rate fell mostly in the major US cities.  But that is hardly suprising.  That is where the poor and violent live.  And when the inner-city poor have access to abortions there will be less unwanted children to commit crime in the future.  Simple logic.

But New York’s experience has not been unique; over the same period, the number of homicides has dropped in San Diego by 68 percent, in Boston by 65 percent, in Los Angeles by 60 percent, in San Antonio by 60 percent, in Houston by 43 percent, in New Orleans by 42 percent, in Detroit by 26 percent, in Philadelphia by 23 percent, in Dallas by 21 percent, and in Chicago by 18 percent.
Wow, Guiliani was good!  His policies helped the entire nation, that or the Republican factions in Los Angeles, San Diego and Boston finally took charge.  Thank goodness.  What you are left to show is that the synchronous crime drops in each of these cities was due to independant policy changes.  (Certainly it wasn't due to a pan-American policy change such as *gasp* abortion!)

I grow tired of your tireless unwaranted self-aggrandizing.


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