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"Rev Dr" Lenny Flank

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(Permalink) Posted: April 05 2005,18:50   

For those who wanted to donate additional books, here's your chance. . . .  

The address is:

Dover Senior High School Library
46 West Canal St
Dover PA  17315
(717) 292-3671

If you do send anything, let the press know about it.  You can reach the York Dispatch newsroom at:

and the York Daily Record newsroom at:

And, of course, let me know, at

I'll be setting up a web page at:

listing all the books that are already donated, as well as all the ones that anyone else will be donating, so we don't get any duplicates.

There are two goals behind this:   (1) first, and most
importantly in my view, it will put an end to the whole "give our books to the library" tactic followed by the IDers. If, every time they give books to someone, that is followed by a flood of anti-ID stuff and becomes a huge headache for the school board, it will GREATLY reduce the likelihood that the IDers will try it again, or that any other school board will accept such donations. I think it's worth it to try to defang this ID tactic. (2) in the case of Dover, while the book list that we donated was indeed very good, it is still
incomplete, and there are still lots of very good anti-ID books which students should have access to.

We are also thinking about duplicating the "Pandas" tactic, by offering to donate 20 copies or whatever of a good ID book as a "supplemental classroom text", **if**  "Pandas" is placed in the classroom.  This, in effect, will start the whole process all over again for the school board --- they will once again have to choose whether to give the students access to anti-ID info or not.  If they reject the offer, the judge might find it interesting.  If they accept it, well, then we get good info in the classroom.  In either case, it increases the board's headaches, which make it that much less likely that any future school boards will be willing to self-inflict by accepting ID donations.

Editor, Red and Black Publishers

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