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"Rev Dr" Lenny Flank

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Wesley wrote:

Well, hopefully the lawyers suing the school district will make a good attempt to tie up all of the antievolution espoused by the Dover School District into a package that all gets ruled against. That would cover more than just Of Pandas and People.


Right.  Remember -- the suit against Dover isn't just over "Pandas" -- it's also over the statement that was read to the classrooms regarding the "alternative scientific theory of intelligent design".  So the fight in Dover is over whether or not "intelligent design theory"  *itself*  is science and belongs in a classroom, or whether ID "theory" just illegally advances religion and does NOT belong in a classroom.

Once the court rules that ID is NOT science and is nothing more than advancing religion, then it's "game over".  No matter WHAT the IDers publish, the entire "theory" itself will be illegal to teach, just like creation "science".

At that point, the IDers will no longer have any option left but to retreat solely to a "something somewhere might be wrong with evolution" argument --- and that one has already been shot down in Cobb County as being nothing more than religiously motivated doctrine.

The fundies are very rapidly running out of options.


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