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Of course the library will now be flooded with contributions from creationists/IDers once word gets out. I think you should have pre-empted them by including creationist/ID books in your donation. This would demonstrate how willing you are to examine different views.

Lenny's reply was:


Regarding more creationist donations:

Let them try.  <shrug>  It's illegal to teach creationism.  Period.

Me, I'd like to see the Raelians donate some books.  It'll show everyone just how nutty the IDers really are.

I don't think that this view has any legal leg to stand on.  Teaching creationism in science class is illegal.  Having books on creationism in the school library, especially one from donations is not illegal.    Indeed, it is very likely that they might already have some.  And indeed one can find creationist books in almost any public library in the country.

Indeed if they accept the donation from your list then they will almost certainly accept antievolutionary donations as well.  

And what do we have to be afraid of?  Well other than the kid who only bothers to read the creationist side that is? (That kid was probably not likely to join us anyways given the current education system.)  If  the kids really do use their access to real science as well as reading the creationist clamtrap then in the end we win.  Lets not forget that "teach the controversy" is nothing more than "lie to the kids by telling them there is a controversy in science over whether or not evolution is true" or worse "teach them that evolution in trouble and is almost certainly false."  Such as that can't afford for the kids to get a real presentation of evolution and the evidence for it.  Asimov once said something to the effect that creationists don't want equal time, they want all the time there is.  That is still the case a decade-in-a-half after he died due to a virus (HIV from a blood transfusion) which appeared, for the first time, relatively recently from a historic point of view.

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