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Russell wrote:

Nor can we point to any system of equal complexity and organization and declare that it did NOT emerge by "accidental processes".

Perhaps not as complex and highly organized as living things, but it's only a matter of degree. We can point to many highly organized and complex systems and in no case ever do we find such a system that emerged by random chance. All highly organized and complex systems found on the earth that we know the origin of, are the result of intelligent design. There are no exceptions.
   So, you have no support for the notion that any kind of highly organized, complex system, no matter what it's degree of sophistication, can emerge without intelligent input. Not even simple systems like a mousetrap can ever emerge without intelligent guidance and insight.


Have we decided that microglia were a red herring and "cut to the chase" as it were?

No, because it's not. You can't fall back on abiogenesis and claim that evolution is not the same and remove it from the question. If intelligent input was required, it would be required at every step of the way, from the very first molecules to the most advanced systems. It's all one big continuum from start to finish and its disingenuous to try to separate it into two questions, because it's not two questions, it's one and the same question.

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