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AndyG wrote:


You did ask for one example, didn't you?

This is not a "new process", it's nothing more than a single frame-shift mutation in an already existing process. There's no way you can demonstrate that this will ever evolve beyond that single step into something "new" and you cannot demonstrate that the mutation was truly random or that intelligent input from the genome was not a factor.
   With respect to sticklebacks, your case is even weaker. All that was demonstrated is that a single gene controls body armor and that it can activate and deactivate under varying conditions. We know that the genome contains the regulatory apparatus that controls the activation and deactivation of genes, so this is not surprising. Humans still have the genetic instructions for hirsutism, but they have simply been turned off. We know this because we've seen examples (wolf boy?) where they revert. You also cannot demonstrate (as described above) that this was a random or accidental mutation and not the result of directed guidance from a dynamic and responsive genome to changes in environmental conditions.

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