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Posted by Steve S on October 21, 2005 07:00 PM (e) (s)

And yeah, I really do think that degrees in biology, chemistry, finance, etc, should get much higher priority than the humanities. If there’s going to be no standard for what kind of education you publicly fund, then why stop at an undergrad degree? Fund everyone through their Ph.D. That way all the English BAs I used to work with at Borders can now have Dr. on their little nametags.
Is where I left off on PT. Let me continue: I think the current system of getting student loans is superior to Lenny's idea to just give everyone free college. One reason is this--20-30% of people get worthless English degrees. Linking someone's education to the cost, placed in the future, encourages them to go into more valuable, lucrative fields, such as business, engineering, etc. If the taxpayers payed everyone's education, there would be less incentive for people to avoid worthless majors.

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