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Quote (IMind @ Oct. 26 2005,09:47)
Hehehe there are exceptions to every rule. And the degree no matter what it's subject is worth the paper it's printed on.

I was a philosophy major in college. I make a signifigant amount more than most of the engineers who I would have graduated with.

My uncle has a chemistry degree from an excellent school with an outstanding chemistry department. He's a wine salesman.

There are so many variables at play that determine a persons worth and the worth of a degree than salary...

I may also make a lot more than say an English teacher, but I'd be loath to say that I am "more valuable."

I was fortunate to grow up in a meritocracy, where the brightest went to college and were paid for it - no matter what they took as their major.  It helped increase education, it helped broaden people's horizons, it help break down the barriers caused by money (or lack thereof).  It helped people who were bright but poor get an education. So I think any degree is valuable to  society.

It is not the only way to improve things, and someone with a degree can be as stupid and worthless as someone without, but it can be beneficial.  I am all in favor of free education.

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