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hmm. that's a problem then, steve.

you can't see the similarity between judging the worth of an education and judging the worth of a particular piece of art for public funding?

I would certainly label the public funding of art based solely on the potential economic value of the art to be censorship, wouldn't you?

I ran into PhD's in physics working at McDonalds; does that really say anything about the value of a degree in physics?

One of my undergrad professors told me a story of a PhD in marine biology he met in a logging camp in B.C. who was a prostitute.

does that shed any light on the value of marine biology as a career?

what part of that has no connection to:

"But I don't think such degrees are nearly as valuable"

do you feel qualified to sit in judgement as to which educations are "valuable" and which are not, because you met english majors at Barnes and Noble?  What if you met a PhD in physics working as a cashier in McDonalds?

each person's history is unique, and their current circumstances don't always reflect their educational backgrounds by any means.

Simply because you were successful with your degree in physics, do you really feel qualified to judge the value of everyone elses' education, both on an individual basis AND as those educations might contribute to the world as a whole?

I'm sure you're a nice, reasonable guy Steve, but I certainly wouldn't vote for ya, no offense.

of course, all this is an aside to whether it would be a good idea to publically fund advanced education or not, but still...

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