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careful - you are treading on the same grounds as those who would eliminate artistic expression of artworks they find objectionable.

censorship has little place in an educated society.  as you clearly point out, pure economic value isn't the only criteria of value to be used in education.  otherwise, all we would have are business and trade schools.

those wonderful works of literature you admire might fade into dust without english majors...

would you like your kids being taught high school english by an engineeer, or an english major?

i for one, wouldn't want to make decisions on what the value of an education is in purely economic terms; that would devalue any education in and of itself.

note, I have a masters in zoology, but still wouldn't consider my friends with advanced degrees in english to have wasted their educational time.  Nor do i consider my education in zoology to be one that contributes or has high value "economically" (at least presently - it did when i embarked on it many years ago tho. ), regardless of the amount of hard science involved in obtaining it.

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