Are evolutionists hypocrites on the topic of abiogenesis?

Date:   Sat Dec 17 1994  07:37:20
From:   Wesley R. Elsberry
To:     Doug Wagner
Subj:   Re: DEFINITIONS...
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 DW> No, I don't think so. I believe that evolution SHOULD and MUST 
 DW> address 
 DW> the  origin of life...otherwise it's a cop out. If evolution does 
 DW> not 
 DW> address it ...then why do so many evolutionists on this echo 
 DW> insist that 
 DW> creationists address the same issue ( like the dear Dr. Pepper 
 DW> "now
 DW> state the theory of creation").
We can't be held responsible for the misapprehensions of SciCre-ists. They believe any silly misconception imaginable about evolution and evolutionary mechanism theories.

We can, however, hold SciCre-ists responsible for their own claims.


The concept of special creation says that matter, energy, stars, planets, plants, animals, man, and all things were brought into existence by special creative processes which are no longer operating. It says that present-day phenomena and processes, while pointing to the necessity of a primeval creation, cannot in themselves create anything. Since in this framework, the study of science forcefully points to past creation, it necessarily implies a Creator and therefore an orderly, meaningful, and purposeful universe.

[End quote -- Boardman, Koontz, and Morris, Science and Creation, 1973, p. 5]

Why should we not insist that SciCre-ists really address the issues that they claim to address?

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