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Date: Sat Oct 20, 2001 8:04 pm
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Subject: Dembski `retracts' comments about Dennett

As readers of last week's ID-Commentary -"Disbelieving
Darwin -- And Feeling No Shame!"- will remember, I
took issue with Dembski's claim that Daniel Dennett
"recommends 'quarantining' parents who teach their
children to doubt Darwinism", arguing that Dembski was
misrepresenting Dennett.

I have just recieved an e-mail from Richard Wein, in
which he, among other things, directs my attention to
a "clarification" made by Dembski in a later post to

As a sort of mini-ID-Commentary, here is Dembski's
post, as well as my comments on it:


030: Disbelieving Darwin Discussed
Metaviews 030. 2000.03.23. Approximately 2693 words.

BG> William Dembski's previous posting on Metaviews
BG> provoked lots of feedback.

This Meta-post contains a number of short texts from
various authors, as well as one by Dembski himself.
However, I will only comment on the one posted by

BG> Finally, William Dembski also writes with a
BG> partial retraction of a statement made about
BG> Daniel Dennett's reputed desire to "quarantine"
BG> parents who doubt Darwinism.

Note that even though Dembski himself refers to his
posting as a "clarification" and never actually
retracts anything, Bill Grassie refers to it as a
"partial retraction" anyway.

BG> Many other messages have also been exchanged on
BG> this thread on the Reiterations Discussion List
BG> and can be read at <> in
BG> the archives.
BG> -- Billy Grassie
WAD> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= From: "William A.
WAD> Dembski" Subject:
WAD> Clarification to "Disbelieving Darwin and Feeling
WAD> No Shame"
WAD> I'd like to post a clarification to my
WAD> essay "Disbelieving Darwin and Feeling No Shame":
WAD> In my essay "Disbelieving Darwin and Feeling No
WAD> Shame" I made the following statement: "Daniel
WAD> Dennett even recommends 'quarantining' parents
WAD> who teach their children to doubt Darwinism (see
WAD> the end of his *Darwin's Dangerous Idea*)." This
WAD> is not quite accurate. On p. 519 of his book,
WAD> Dennett states, "Those whose visions dictate that
WAD> they cannot peacefully coexist with the rest of
WAD> us we will have to quarantine as best we can...."
WAD> A few lines later he continues, "If you insist on
WAD> teaching your children falsehoods--that the Earth
WAD> is flat, that "Man" is not a product of evolution
WAD> by natural selection--then you must expect, at
WAD> the very least, that those of us who have freedom
WAD> of speech will feel free to describe your
WAD> teachings as the spreading of falsehoods, and
WAD> will attempt to demonstrate this to your children
WAD> at our earliest opportunity. Our future well-
WAD> being--the well-being of all of us on the planet--
WAD> depends on the education of our descendants."
WAD> As Dennett in a private communication has made
WAD> clear to me, he does not recommend quarantining
WAD> parents who teach their children to doubt
WAD> Darwin's theory and takes exception to anyone who
WAD> attributes as much to him. I agree that there is
WAD> no explicit recommendation here to quarantine
WAD> parents who teach their children to doubt
WAD> Darwinism. Nonetheless, it seems to me that there
WAD> is an implicit recommendation to do just that. If
WAD> (1) doubting Darwinian evolution is as silly as
WAD> believing in a flat earth and (2) if our future
WAD> well-being depends on the [proper] education of
WAD> our descendants and (3) if "at the very least"
WAD> Darwinists will attempt to demonstrate the truth
WAD> of Darwinism to our children at their "earliest
WAD> opportunity" and (4) if "quarantining" is
WAD> maintained as a live option by Darwinists, then
WAD> it is no big stretch to think that quarantining
WAD> parents who teach their children to doubt Darwin
WAD> is far from Dennett's intention.

Dembski just repeats his original claim, adds some
numbers, and wraps it up as a "clarification".

In case Dembski is suffering from a reading
disability, Dennett never advocates "quarantining"
anyone on the basis of their ideas being "silly".
Unless Dembski thinks that "teach[ing one's] children
to doubt Darwin" "dictate that [one] cannot
peacefully coexist with the rest of us", Dembski has
absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

WAD> Sincerely, Bill
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