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Tallying the Arguments

This is a collaborative project to exhaustively catalogue the arguments made in various antievolutionary source materials. The public can view the results so far by using this page.

Potential uses for the data collected here range from pure scholarship (tracing the deployment of antievolution arguments over time) to legal issues (demonstrating the close links between all antievolution argumentation).

If you would like to contribute time in cataloguing a source or some defined part of a source, please visit this thread on the discussion board where this project is coordinated.

Because volunteers need to have the source works, you can also help by contributing funds for the purchase and shipping of sources to volunteers:

I will check into the possibility of making this project one sponsored by the TalkOrigins Foundation, which would mean that contributions there would be tax-deductible. For the moment, though, this is just me. -- Wesley R. Elsberry

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