Antievolutionists and the PBS "Evolution" series

This page gives links to the official web site, the antievolutionist response sites, and other relevant web sites and commentary. The reader is invited to explore all the information and form a conclusion based upon more complete knowledge.

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PBS, WGBH, and Clear Blue Sky Productions "Evolution"

The official site of the "Evolution" series has web-based explorations and multimedia presentations related to the topics of the seven-part series. See also the page on Evolution at Clear Blue Sky Productions.

Buy the companion book, Carl Zimmer's Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea.

The National Center for Science Education has several resources online related to the PBS "Evolution" series.

The National Science Teachers Association is having an online Evolution Questions and Answers session, September 24-27, 2001.

Published Reviews

News stories related to the series

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Antievolutionist Responses to the "Evolution" Series

The Discovery Institute's anti-"Evolution" page

For all that the Discovery Institute likes to preach the phrase "teach the controversy", they certainly don't put the concept into practice. The only links to websites with opposing views are to PBS itself and the Clear Blue Sky Productions web page. While their "executive summary" charges the "Evolution" production with a mote of "systematic omission", they seem to have missed the log of their own omission of links to such websites as the National Center for Science Education and the Talk.Origins Archive, which give specific and detailed responses to many an antievolutionist claim. Note also that their page linked as "Books on the Subject" lists only books written by people associated with the Discovery Institute.

Interestingly enough, the first response website that the Discovery Institute hosted had the bait-and-switch name of "". That one disappeared by 2001/09/25.

Answers In Genesis Responds to "Evolution" Series

Answers In Genesis, a classic "young-earth creationist" advocacy group, obviously does not like the content of the "Evolution" series. They plan responses to appear shortly after each episode is aired.

Charles Colson's Breakpoint Ministry

Multiple essays critiquing the PBS Evolution series have appeared on the site.

Focus on the Family

Mark Hartwig has an essay titled PBS's 'Evolution': More of the Same.


Multiple antievolutionary critiques have appeared here.

Concerned Women of America

Biased PBS Series 'Evolution' Hits Airwavesand Classrooms, article by Martha Kleder.

Human Events

Critics Want More Facts, While Darwinists Push Their Faith, article by Discovery Institute Senior Fellow John Corrigan "Jonathan" Wells.

Responses to Antievolutionary Criticism of the "Evolution" Series

2001/10/01: Critics Wrongly Accuse PBS of Ignoring Controversy

NCSE Press Release: Creationists Wrong Again
This press release discusses the Discovery Institute's comments on the genetic code.

Statement of Bruce Alberts, President of the National Academy of Sciences
Bruce Alberts disputes the Discovery Institute's characterization of the PBS "Evolution" series.

Discovery Institute Quotes Scientist Out of Context
This press release documents Arizona State University anthropologist Geoffrey Clark taking issue with the Discovery Institute's glib misrepresentation of his views on human evolution. When an organization can't even quote correctly, how can we trust that they might somehow be "Getting the Facts Straight"?

"0 for 3", The Discovery Institute Strikes Out

Biologist Kenneth Miller explains why the Discovery Institute's arguments are ill-founded.

Discovery Institute "Don't know much about history", historian James Moore responds to the Discovery Institute's claims that the PBS "Evolution" series distorted historical facts in furtherance of a stereotype.

Kenneth Miller's "A 'Dying Theory' Fails Again"
This essay details how the canonical genetic code provides strong support for the theory of common descent. It further shows that the Discovery Institute engaged in their own "systematic omission" of relevant information, as one of the papers that the DI cited is shown to very strongly argue against the DI stance.

Counting Nobel Laureates?
The Discovery Institute viewer's guide says that the integrity of the series is jeopardized by a claim about the state of science education in the 1950's. Get the real scoop on the aftermath of Scopes...

Other Critical Notice

Article on the newsgroup by Wade Hines.

Wade expresses his disappointment in the "Evolution" series.

Article on the newsgroup by Paul Z. Myers.

Paul extends the critical commentary begun by Wade Hines.

Relevant Links

The following links point to online resources related to evolution and antievolution.

The National Center for Science Education

The NCSE promotes good science education and is especially interested in promoting effective education of the concepts of evolutionary biology.

The Talk.Origins Archive

This website was constructed by the volunteer effort of Brett Vickers and other regular participants of the Usenet newsgroup, and gives the mainstream science response to many a antievolutionary claim. Be sure to check out the fossil hominids page, which is linked from many a university biology department site.

The Talk.Origins Archive Links List

An extensive and exhausting (if not exhaustive) list of links to sites on all sides of this topic.

Geoscience Research Institute Recent Site Additions and News

An extensive list of links to recent news articles, many dealing with the PBS 'Evolution' series.

The American Institute of Biological Sciences

"In 1947, the American Institute of Biological Sciences was federally chartered as a non-profit scientific organization to advance research and education in the biological sciences. Today, more than 50 years later, AIBS continues to follow its mission statement."

"AIBS conducts a number of activities to support the teaching of evolution in schools and to ward off efforts to teach creationism in science classes or distort the teaching of evolution. One of these AIBS activities is a joint project with the National Center for Science Education ( to establish and maintain an email list server for each U.S. state, for Canada, and for other select areas.

The email list servers allow scientists, teachers, and other interested parties to be in touch with each other locally, nationally, and internationally. They can facilitate support groups for teachers trying to teach evolution in a difficult atmosphere. They can also permit rapid communications and grass-roots activity when school boards or legislatures are considering policies that will promote the teaching of anti-evolutionary ideas in science classes."

Antievolution: The Phenomenon, Its Proponents, and Its Critics

A critical look at the phenomenon of antievolution.

No Answers In Genesis!

NAiG supports science and refutes the pseudoscience of creationists. The site contains articles by Australian scientists (and others) that expose the fallacies of creationism. NAiG has an extensive list of links to material supporting biological evolution as well as links to major creationist organizations.

World of Richard Dawkins

This is a page devoted to the topic of a man whom antievolutionists love to hate, Richard Dawkins.

Behe's Empty Box

Michael Behe argues that the property of "irreducible complexity" means that certain biochemical systems cannot have been produced via evolution by Darwinian mechanisms. A number of critics explain why Behe's arguments do not hold water.

The Anti-Evolutionists: William A. Dembski

Theologian, mathematician, and philosopher William A. Dembski has staked a claim as the person who can philosophically justify the "Intelligent Design" movement. But the critics do not seem to agree with his arguments and conclusions.

The Discovery Institute's Center for Renewal of Science and Culture's "Wedge" document

This document reads as a manifesto of the "Intelligent Design" movement, and provides the five-year working plan that one can see reflected in the recent history of the Discovery Institute. The Discovery Institute site talks about PBS promoting a political agenda, but here we see that they can plan and execute a political agenda of their own.

The Discovery Institute's Center for Renewal of Science and Culture

Seattle's own brand of antievolution is practiced by the Fellows of the CRSC.

Access Research Network

This website grew out of the old "Students for Origins Research" organization, and now features many online essays by "Intelligent Design" antievolutionists.

Creationism and Pseudo Science

A page which has a variety of essays and links rebutting antievolutionary claims.

Icons of Anti-Evolution

A critical response to "Icons of Evolution" by Jonathan Wells.

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