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The Critic's Resource on AntiEvolution

Main Configuration Settings

The Settings page, accessible at administer -> settings, contains many general configuration settings for your CivicSpace site. Here you can modify some of the information you entered in the configuration wizard during initial site setup:

  • Name. The name of your CivicSpace site, displayed at the top of every page and also optionally as part of your theme in the header
  • E-mail address. The email address used as the "From" address for all emails sent out by your site, including for new user registration, forgotten password requests, and subscription notifications.
  • Slogan. A short descriptive phrase about your site, which is optionally displayed as part of your theme; required to be included in the Drupal directory. The slogan will also appear in the description for the site's RSS feeds.
  • Mission. Brief introduction to the purpose or goals of your site. Optionally displayed in a special style above the first post on your front page. Also required for the directory feature.
  • Footer message. Message that is optionally displayed at the bottom of pages as part of the theme. The default message contains a copyright notice which you can add to or modify.

Other default settings include

  • Anonymous user. The name used by default to label all posts by users that do not register, set by default to "Anonymous" in the comment configuration page.
  • Default front page. The relative URL that indicates which page of items (or individual page) is shown on the front page. See Changing the Default Home Page of the Site for more information.
  • Clean URLs. Instead of site URLs that look like http.//, clean URLs look like http.// Enabling clean URLs means ?q= is removed, which makes URLs look nicer, is easier to type, and is more search-engine friendly.
  • Default 403 (access denied) page & Default 404 (not found) pages. For linking to customized error pages.
  • Discard log entries older than. How long the system keeps log messages in the system. One week is generally believed to be a long enough period of time, so it is the default on CivicSpace sites.
  • Cache support. Disabled by default on CivicSpace sites. Useful for very high bandwidth websites; whenever traffic to a site increases dramatically, the software will take measures to reduce the load on the server.
  • Time and date format settings.