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The Critic's Resource on AntiEvolution

Tracking and Statistics

CivicSpace provides a number of ways to find out who has been visiting the site and who has been posting content:

  • User list page. A table of users with their last access to the site.
  • CivicSpace logs provide userful statistics and system-generated messages:
    • Recent hits. Logs of access to individual site pages. Provides information such as username, IP address, and referring page.
    • Referrer logs. Site referers for both internal and external links.
    • User logs page. The most recent session information for users.
    • Special logs. Information on recently added and updated nodes and comments.
  • Recent posts page (link available in the main navigation menu when the tracker module is enabled). The most recently updated nodes, including those with new comments. Logged in users will find a red asterick * beside all new or updated content.
  • Content configuration and comment configuration sections. Each provide tables listing nodes and comments respectively from which an administrator can edit, view, or delete.