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NCSE Evolution and Climate Education Update for 2017/09/01

(by NCSE Deputy Director Glenn Branch)

Dear friends of NCSE,

Teacher/activist Brandon Haught implores the scientific community to
stand up for science education, while the nomination of a creationist
to a cabinet position is raising eyebrows in South Korea.


Writing in Nature (August 29, 2017), Brandon Haught urged the
scientific community to redouble its efforts to support science
educators. A high school science teacher in Florida, Haught is the
communications director for the grassroots Florida Citizens for
Science, the author of Going Ape: Florida's Battles Over Evolution in
the Classroom (University Press of Florida, 2014) and a recipient of
NCSE's Friend of Darwin award.

"Hey, scientists, beleaguered high-school science teachers could use
your support," Haught implored. "We need scientists who are willing to
take the time and effort to push back against the textbook challenges
that these new laws [in Florida] will encourage. We need expert
advisers eager to review and recommend quality science textbooks for
our schools. We need bold scientists ready to state unapologetically
that evolution, global warming -- and, yes, even a round Earth -- are
facts of life."

Even small actions are helpful, Haught stressed: "Sign up for action
alerts from the National Center for Science Education and your state's
science-advocacy group, if you have one. Be a voice within any
organizations you belong to, urging them to make statements supporting
science education as issues arise. Introduce yourself to teachers at
local elementary and high schools. Even if all you have to offer are
ideas and emotional support, we'll take them."

For Haught's column in Nature, visit: 

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Park Seong-jin, nominated to head the newly created ministry of small
and medium venture business in South Korea, is in the news on account
of his affliation with the Korea Association for Creation Research,
reports the Korea Times (August 29, 2017).

A professor of engineering at Pohang University of Science and
Technology and a start-up entrepreneur, Park reportedly resigned as
director of the creationist association the day before he was
nominated for the post. The Korea Times quoted him as telling
reporters, "As a Christian, I have a faith in a religion based on
creation, but I do not believe creation as a science ... I've never
individually studied creation science either." The Korea Association
for Creation Research, however, explicitly espouses creation science
by name on its website and declares that "the results of creation by
God recorded in Genesis are scientific facts."

Jeong Jae-seung, a professor at KAIST (formerly the Korea Advanced
Institute of Science and Technology), was quoted as lamenting,
"Supporting creation science is not a religious choice. It is a denial
of the scientific achievements of ... humankind so far."

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