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NCSE Evolution and Climate Education Update for 2016/08/12

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(by NCSE Deputy Director Glenn Branch)

Dear friends of NCSE,

NCSE's own Josh Rosenau takes on Ark Encounter in the pages of New Scientist.


NCSE's Josh Rosenau contributed a column, under the headline "School
field trips to creationist Ark? Sink that idea right now," to New
Scientist (August 5, 2016).

Describing the landlocked Ark Encounter as "a hard-core creationist
extravaganza replete with pseudoscience," Rosenau observed that, "From
astrophysics to zookeeping, the visitor is deluged with

Noting that perhaps because of disappointing visitor numbers the park
is offering discount rates for school groups, he warned that it would
be unwise for public schools to take field trips to the parks.

In addition to the scientific errors and the legal barriers, he cited
the "relentless message" of the park that "our world is as fallen and
wicked as Noah's, and that the destruction of the flood ... was not
just acceptable but praiseworthy."

Rosenau concluded, "Ark Encounter presents a message as socially
divisive as it is scientifically inaccurate."

For Rosenau's column in New Scientist, visit: 


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