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NCSE Evolution Education Update for 2010/07/02

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(by NCSE Deputy Director Glenn Branch)

Dear Friends of NCSE,

A special issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach in honor of
Eugenie C. Scott's sixty-fifth birthday is published, and Creation is
now available on DVD.


The latest issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach (volume 3,
number 2) is in honor of -- if a few months in advance of -- the
sixty-fifth birthday of NCSE's executive director Eugenie C. Scott.
Edited by NCSE's deputy director Glenn Branch (who contributed "Three
wishes for Genie" by way of introduction), it contains essays by
Nicholas J. Matzke, Robert T. Pennock, Barbara Forrest, Raymond Arthur
Eve with Susan Carol Losh and Brandon Nzekwe, Lawrence M. Krauss,
Robert M. Hazen, Kevin Padian, Jay D. Wexler, Kenneth R. Miller, Brian
Alters, and Carl Zimmer. Plus there's a biographical appreciation by
Andrew J. Petto, a bibliography compiled by Adam M. Goldstein and
Glenn Branch, and a reflection on the importance of "Listening to
Teachers" by Scott herself.

Additionally, NCSE's Louise S. Mead and Scott offered a further
installment in Overcoming Obstacles to Evolution Education, NCSE's
regular feature in Evolution: Education and Outreach. Entitled
"Problem Concepts in Evolution Part II: Cause and Chance," their
column discusses how the concepts of cause and chance are often
confusing to students and suggests "how to address these specific
challenges to understanding evolution in light of recent research."
And NCSE's Steven Newton reviewed Ralph O'Connor's The Earth on Show:
Fossils and the Poetics of Popular Science, 1802-1856 (University of
Chicago Press, 2007), which, he writes, "presents a wide-ranging view
of how geology, in its earliest days, appealed through drama and
spectacle to an exclusive portion of the public."

Originally, Evolution: Education and Outreach was freely available
on-line. Now, as Niles Eldredge and Gregory Eldredge explain in their
editorial, "After a temporary hiatus, ... we are poised to come back
free online -- the better to serve our educational outreach mission."
Past issues will soon begin to appear on-line at the National
Institutes of Health's PubMed Central. But there's no need to wait to
read the articles by Matzke, Padian, and Scott, which were published
through Springer's Open Access program and are already freely
available. Moreover, NCSE members will have the opportunity to receive
a printed copy of the issue, which will be offered as a gift premium
in the fall fundraising letter. And if you're not a member of NCSE,
what are you waiting for? Join today.

For information about Evolution: Education and Outreach, visit: 

For Matzke's, Padian's, and Scott's articles (all PDF), visit: 

For information about becoming a member of NCSE, visit: 


Creation, the 2009 film about Darwin starring Paul Bettany and
Jennifer Connolly, will be available on DVD and for digital download
on June 29, 2010. In her review of Creation at The Panda's Thumb blog,
NCSE's executive director Eugenie C. Scott described it as "a
thoughtful, well-made film that will change many views of Darwin held
by the public -- for the good."

Among the extras on the DVD version are, unsurprisingly, a commentary
by director Jon Amiel and a making-of-the-film documentary featuring
Amiel, Bettany, and Randal Keynes, a great-great-grandson of Darwin,
on whose book Creation was based. "Digging Deeper Into Darwin"
discusses the film's treatment of seven topics in Darwin's life.

Two further extras are somewhat unusual. "Debating Darwin" features a
young-earth creationist as well as two distinguished British
biologists -- Lewis Wolpert and Denis Alexander -- discussing issues
related to the film; "Pollard on Film on Creation" is a
review-cum-reflection produced by a non-denominational Christian
organization in the United Kingdom.

For information about Creation, visit: 

For Scott's review, visit: 

Thanks for reading! And don't forget to visit NCSE's website -- -- where you can always find the latest news on 
evolution education and threats to it.


Glenn Branch
Deputy Director
National Center for Science Education, Inc.
420 40th Street, Suite 2
Oakland, CA 94609-2509
510-601-7203 x310
fax: 510-601-7204

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