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NCSE Evolution Education Update for 2010/04/02

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(by NCSE Deputy Director Glenn Branch)

Dear Friends of NCSE,

A Vannevar Bush Award for NCSE Supporter Bruce Alberts. Plus NCSE's
Eugenie C. Scott is interviewed on the University of California
Press's blog, and NCSE adds three new videos to its YouTube channel.


NCSE congratulates Bruce Alberts on winning the Vannevar Bush Award
from the National Science Board. The award is bestowed upon truly
exceptional lifelong leaders in science and technology who have made
substantial contributions to the welfare of the nation through public
service activities in science, technology, and public policy. In a
press release issued on April 1, 2010, Steven Beering, the chair of
the National Science Board, commented, "We are pleased to recognize
Bruce for his dedication to the creativity, openness and tolerance
that define science, passion for improving the human condition and
transformational and inspirational leadership in science education,
international capacity building and the tireless pursuit of a
'scientific temperament' for the world."

"Many of my personal heroes of science have previously received the
Vannevar Bush Award and it is, of course, an enormous privilege for me
to join them," said Alberts in the same press release. "In this era of
instantaneous, infinite information everywhere, it has become critical
to our survival that a scientific way of analyzing problems, based on
evidence and logic, become much more dominant around the globe. Those
of us who are scientists thus have enormous challenges before us:
challenges that will require that we expand our view of science and
its role in society." He called upon scientists all around the world
"to help create more rational, scientifically-based societies that
find dogmatism intolerable." Alberts will receive the award at the
National Science Board's Annual Awards Dinner in Washington DC on May
4, 2010.

Alberts is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Biochemistry and
Biophysics at the University of California, San Francisco, a former
president of the National Academy of Sciences, and the editor-in-chief
of the journal Science, published by the American Association for the
Advancement of Science. A Supporter of NCSE, Alberts received its
Friend of Darwin award in 2004, in recognition of his support of and
advocacy for the integrity of science education while at the National
Academy of Sciences, when it published both Teaching about Evolution
and the Nature of Science (1998) and the second edition of Science and
Creationism (1999). He also received the AIBS Education Award from the
American Institute for Biological Sciences in 2009.

For the NSB's press release, visit: 

For the publications from the National Academy of Sciences, visit: 


NCSE's executive director Eugenie C. Scott was recently interviewed by
Chuck Crumly for the University of California Press's blog, discussing
the evidence for evolution and the sources of resistance to its
acceptance. Asked "What do you hope to accomplish through your work,"
she replied that her goal "is to help people understand the nature of
science, and the science of evolution." She added, "I would like
people to learn that evolution is an exciting science that their
children should be taught in school. When I am reading evolutionary
biology or geology, or cosmology, I often think to myself, 'wouldn't
it be great if school kids could hear about this!'" The University of
California Press is the publisher of the paperback edition of Scott's
Evolution vs. Creationism: An Introduction.

For the blog post, visit: 

For information on Evolution vs. Creationism, visit: 


Three videos have just been added to NCSE's YouTube channel. First, a
Netroots Nation panel on science denial from August 2009, organized by
NCSE's Joshua Rosenau and featuring Rosenau, Bryan Rehm, Michael
Stebbins, Mark Sumner, and Susan Wood. And two blasts from the past
with NCSE's executive director Eugenie C. Scott: talking with Arie
Korporaal about "Controversial Issues in Science Teaching" on Los
Angeles County's Educational Telecommunications Network in 1991, and
appearing on WRC-TV's "Headlines on Trial," hosted by Arthur Miller,
in 1987. Tune in and enjoy!

For NCSE's YouTube channel, visit: 

Thanks for reading! And don't forget to visit NCSE's website -- -- where you can always find the latest news on 
evolution education and threats to it.


Glenn Branch
Deputy Director
National Center for Science Education, Inc.
420 40th Street, Suite 2
Oakland, CA 94609-2509
510-601-7203 x310
fax: 510-601-7204

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