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Think About This Next Time You Enjoy a Burrito: Why You Don't Often Bite Your Tongue

Without specialized neurons, you'd bite more tongue than burrito. Evolution News & Views
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It Was the Philosophical Message, Not the Science, that Moved the Creators of Cosmos

We have written a lot about the revived Cosmos series that concluded on Sunday, but one thing I still find curious. David Klinghoffer
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Kinesin: Fast, Efficient, Essential, and Mysterious

So we have yet another complex system necessary for eukaryotic cellular function that seems to have appeared out of nowhere. Ann Gauger
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"A Computer Just Passed the Turing Test in Landmark Trial" -- Or Did It? The Hype on That One Lasted About a Day

What Discovery Institute's Wesley Smith calls "human exceptionalism" remains the best science that we have. David Klinghoffer
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Cosmos Finale Takes One Last Shot at the "Delusion that We Have Some Privileged Position in the Universe"

It was a fitting end, in keeping with what we've seen already in the series. Casey Luskin
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Darwin's Finches Show Rule-Constrained Variation in Beak Shape

When does a beak remain a beak? When developmental rules keep it from becoming something else. Evolution News & Views
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Video: Stephen Meyer on Responding to Critics of Darwin's Doubt

The duration of the Cambrian explosion, Charles Marshall's review in Science, the challenge from cladistics -- Dr. Meyer considers all the most frequently promoted challenges. Evolution News & Views
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Counting to God: New Book by Douglas Ell Introduces the Evidence for Intelligent Design

A lot of books -- many of them very good -- have been written about the debate over intelligent design. Casey Luskin
Categories: Anti-Science News

Mob Rule: The Final Installment of Cosmos Is Thick with Irony

The episode opened with Tyson giving a tour of a beautifully computer-generated model of the great Library of Alexandria in Egypt. David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News

Which Is the Real PZ Myers?

PZ Myers spoke at Town Hall in Seattle last Thursday night and I attended with a couple of friends and co-workers from Discovery Institute. Casey Luskin
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Why Human Evolution Happened Only Once: The Question No One Has to Answer

Start by insisting that absolutely everything is a big accident. Denyse O'Leary
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A new Bloomberg poll on climate change

A new Bloomberg News National Poll included (PDF) questions about whether climate change is a threat, whether it is worth increasing energy costs to prevent climate change, and whether scientists are to be trusted about climate change.

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Antievolution proposal rejected in South Carolina

The South Carolina state board of education rejected the Education Oversight Committee's proposal to revise the state science standards to require students to "[c]onstruct scientific arguments that seem to support and scientific arguments that seem to discredit Darwinian natural selection" at its June 11, 2014, meeting, according to the Charleston Post and Courier (June 11, 2014). 

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AHA award for NCSE's Scott

Eugenie C. Scott

Eugenie C. Scott, the former executive director of NCSE and the current chair of its Advisory Council, was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Humanist Association at its annual conference in Philadelphia on June 7, 2014.  

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NCSE's latest in Evolution: Education and Outreach

NCSE's Glenn Branch's "Going Ape: Interview with Brandon Haught" (PDF) was just published in Evolution: Education and Outreach.

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A glimpse of The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change

NCSE is pleased to offer a free preview (PDF) of Grady Klein and Yoram Bauman's The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change (Island Press, 2014).

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NCSE in the Best of the Scout Report

NCSE is proud to have been named in the Best of the Scout Report for 2014, as "the most shared resource by Scout Report readers" for the academic year 2013-2014. "There are many free excerpts to read and it's a fun way to trace the evolution of these popular and significant debates," the report commented.

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Jonathan Wells: Is There Biological Information Outside of the DNA?

ID the Future - Tue, 2014-06-03 18:44
Listen Now. On this episode of ID the Future, Casey Luskin talks with Dr. Jonathan Wells about his newly published article, "Membrane Patterns Carry Ontogenetic Information That Is Specified Independently of DNA." In this first of a series of...
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Cornelius Hunter, Center for Science & Culture Fellow, Creates an Online Learning Program for "Darwin Scholars"

"Darwin Scholars is an affordable and extremely convenient online alternative for those who want a world-class education in this most important of subjects -- evolution." Casey Luskin
Categories: Anti-Science News

Now with More Doubt! Stephen Meyer's Landmark Is Back in an Expanded Edition, Replying to the Critics

It's a mantra among defenders of orthodox Darwinian theory: There is no debate about evolution. David Klinghoffer
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