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NCSE in Denial101x

John Cook

A just-launched first-of-its-kind massive open online course on climate change denial, "Making Sense of Climate Science Denial," is already reaching over ten thousand people around the world — and NCSE is represented. 

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First Steps Are Toughest? Not When It Comes to the Origin of Life

The theory of first steps may be true of quitting cigarettes or going on a diet. Evolution News & Views
Categories: Anti-Science News

How Cells Keep Right-Handed Amino Acids Out

Without this "homochirality," proteins would never fold properly into functional structures, thus posing another chicken-and-egg problem for origin-of-life research. Evolution News & Views
Categories: Anti-Science News

New Book on "Junk DNA" Surveys the Functions of Non-Coding DNA

What Discovery Institute biologist Jonathan Wells calls the "myth of junk DNA," long a favorite with advocates of unguided evolution, isn't quite dead and buried. Casey Luskin
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Listen: Why Vertebrate Embryos Stick in Darwinism's Craw

Casey Luskin discusses differences between vertebrate embryos and how they contradict the predictions of common ancestry. Evolution News & Views
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Imagine a World of Religions that Naturalism Might Indeed Be Able to Explain

Cognitive scientist Steven Pinker recently told CNN, "We don't throw virgins into volcanoes any more." No? Why not? Denyse O'Leary
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Dear Grandma, Aren't You Ready to Die Yet?

We can't have expensive old people hanging around using up resources (that their enterprise and hard work helped generate!). Wesley J. Smith
Categories: Anti-Science News

Developments from the Study of Cells and Molecular Machines

Here's an update on science news about the workings of living cells. Evolution News & Views
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These Critics of Intelligent Design Agree with Us More Than They Seem to Realize

Conservation of information shows that either design or the original configuration of the universe must account for the complexity of life. Winston Ewert
Categories: Anti-Science News

Habeas Chimpus: A Report from Stony Brook University

The granting of personhood to animals will lower the status of persons more than it will raise the status of animals. Michael Egnor
Categories: Anti-Science News

Transhumanist Claims Aside, Enhancing Human Intelligence Isn't on the Horizon

First of all, human memory is not computer storage. Erik J. Larson
Categories: Anti-Science News

Listen: Answering the Objection that Intelligent Design Isn't Science

Launching a new series at IDTF, Andrew McDiarmid addresses an often-heard claim. Evolution News & Views
Categories: Anti-Science News

How the Body Solves the Problem of Oxygen Transport

When a person's level of hemoglobin drops below the normal range, the result is anemia. Howard Glicksman
Categories: Anti-Science News

A Transhumanist Asks, "Why Not Be Superheroes?"

It's worth considering. With regard to human enhancement, where should the line be drawn? Erik J. Larson
Categories: Anti-Science News

Are the Ediacarans Transitional Forms for the Cambrian Explosion?

Attempts to find a Cambrian fuse in the Ediacaran animals are less than convincing. Evolution News & Views
Categories: Anti-Science News

How Much Brain Can You Pack Into a Spider Head?

Large mammal brains are amazing, but no less indicative of design is the micro-miniaturization of brainpower in a tiny spider's head. Evolution News & Views
Categories: Anti-Science News

Listen: Casey Luskin on How Convergent Evolution Turns the Logic of Common Ancestry on Its Head

Luskin continues his series discussing the top ten problems with biological and chemical evolution. Evolution News & Views
Categories: Anti-Science News

John Stonestreet on "Scientists Turn to Intelligent Design"

Today's BreakPoint radio commentary picks up our colleague ENV's recent post, "Some Scientists Say Intelligent Design Isn't Science -- Until They Have to Use It Themselves." David Klinghoffer
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Darwin's Robots: When Evolutionary Materialists Admit that Their Own Worldview Fails

One section in materialist Edward Slingerland's book is titled "We Are Robots Designed Not to Believe That We Are Robots." Nancy Pearcey
Categories: Anti-Science News

Finally, from Darwin Activist Zack Kopplin, a Journalistic Scoop?

Well, that was a bit of an anticlimax. David Klinghoffer
Categories: Anti-Science News
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