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A Start with Generative AI: OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Sun, 2023-01-08 22:44
A friend of mine is pretty much the sole technical talent at a start-up. Last month, we started chatting about
Categories: Pro-Science News

Harun Yahya Gets A Lonnnnnnnggggggg Prison Sentence

Thu, 2022-11-17 21:19
Turkish Islamic antievolutionist Harun Yahya (aka Adnan Oktar) got a 8,658 year prison sentence. The Mirror has the story. Their
Categories: Pro-Science News

Election 2022: Naive Forecasts for US Races

Sat, 2022-11-12 17:48
If you are like me, you are in suspense concerning the outcomes in various of the 2022 US general election
Categories: Pro-Science News