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For Next Week's 90th Scopes Trial Anniversary, We've Got Something Special Planned

For many Darwin defenders, the evolution debate remains forever stuck in the year 1925. David Klinghoffer
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Newer Chimp Hands Are Irrelevant to Human Exceptionalism

On even the slightest pretexts, science reporting seeks to undermine the exceptional place of human beings in nature. Wesley J. Smith
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Denying ENCODE Data Won't Change the Emerging Facts of Biology

The ENCODE project found that 80 percent of the human genome is biochemically functional -- with 100 percent functionality in sight. Casey Luskin
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Living Waters Premieres to Large Enthusiastic Crowd in San Antonio

The next regional premiere takes place on Friday, August 7, here in Seattle. Evolution News & Views
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Helping Us to Launch ID Inquiry, Michael Behe Explains Irreducible Complexity

Hear the first edition of a new segment of our popular podcast in which ID scholars answer your questions about intelligent design and evolution. Evolution News & Views
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Understanding Cardiovascular Function: How the Body Controls the Heart

Just as a car's performance depends on its engine size and efficiency, so too the body's heart function must meet certain objective parameters. Howard Glicksman
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"Intelligent" Machine Future Would Be Devoid of Meaning

Transhumanists, you gotta love them. Or pity their withered view of the importance of humanity. Wesley J. Smith
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No Senate resolution on climate education

Edward Markey

When the United States Senate passed the Every Child Achieves Act of 2015 on July 16, 2015, a proposed resolution acknowledging the scientific evidence for climate change and affirming the importance of climate science education was not included.

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Update from the Senate

Two of the three amendments concerning climate change education under consideration are out of commission as the United States Senate continues to discuss a bill to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.

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David M. Raup dies

David M. Raup

The paleontologist David M. Raup died on July 9, 2015, at the age of 82, according to a press release from the University of Chicago (July 14, 2015).

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A preview of Dire Predictions

NCSE is pleased to offer a free preview (PDF) of Michael E. Mann and Lee R. Kump's Dire Predictions: Understanding Climate Change (second edition, DK Publishing, 2015).

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Climate change education in the Senate

Climate change education is suddenly under discussion in the United States Senate, the National Journal (July 9, 2015) reports, with the introduction of dueling amendments to a bill to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.

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Listen: Limits to Self-Organization

Casey Luskin interviews University of British Columbia philosopher Richard Johns about his paper in the journal Synthese. Evolution News & Views
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"Biological Colonialism" Bites Back

I coined the term to describe the practice of well-off Westerners who travel to poor countries to exploit the destitute for body parts and functions. Wesley J. Smith
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Evolution: The Fossils Speak, but Hardly with One Voice

University of Chicago biochemist James Shapiro, not a design theorist, offers four kinds of rapid, evolutionary change that Darwin "could not have imagined." Denyse O'Leary
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Photography Contest VII: Finalists

Panda's Thumb - Wed, 2015-07-08 09:23
Here are the finalists of the 2015 photography contest. We received 16 photographs from 7 photographers, somewhat fewer than in previous years. This year we decided to choose 1 picture from each entrant and enlisted our wife to help with the choices. The text was written by the photographers and lightly edited for consistency. The finalists are given below the proverbial fold, in alphabetical order of last name. Please look through their photographs before voting... Matt Young
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Mimicking Seahorse Tails Could Lead to Better Robots

The best way to study the operation of these structures is to treat them as engineered systems that are designed with some kind of a purpose. Casey Luskin
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Join John West, George Gilder in Las Vegas for a Discussion of Biology, Racism, and Militarism

FreedomFest is a libertarian-themed confab each year that draws a huge following. Evolution News & Views
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Lawrence Krauss, Influential Physicist and Atheist, on "Creationism" as "Child Abuse"

This is not a threat to wave away as idle or insignificant. David Klinghoffer
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Is Artificial Intelligence Possible?

Specific arrays of electrons can represent apples and all sorts of things, according to the input and output of programmers and users of the machine. Michael Egnor
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