Invidious comparisons
The polemics of "intelligent design"

The Origin of "Information" via natural causes
Refuting a key ID claim (refs, webpages)

ATPase origins
Stuff pertinent to this question

immune system evolution
collecting references to recent articles

The Origins of Photosynthesis
Collecting & discussing the lit. on this

Protein folding and evolution
How protein folds evolve

Blood-clotting, evolution, and Behe
References, links, and material on above

Dembski's "The Design Revoluion"
Critical notice...

Redundant complexity
Links, refs

"ID" as "Irony Deprivation"
Odd statements from ID advocates

The origins of nitrogen fixation systems
Posts and papers

Evolution of multiple-parts-required pathways
Lit on this

The Canonical Genetic Code
Resources & arguments

Luskin: ID vs Evolution Predictions
Responses etc.

"Junk" DNA
Towards a FAQ on "Junk" DNA

Hooper's 'Of Moths and Men' and reviews thereof
Links, discussion, etc.

Peppered moth resting locations
and the assertions of Wells and others..

Co-option/change of function
Citations of this in the literature

Mechanisms of mutation
Towards a mutation FAQ

The importance of specific hypotheses about IDer
Links to threads on SETI, MDT, etc.

Chromosome evolution

Evolutionary Algorithms and GAs
Postings and Other Reference Material

Antibiotic/pesticide resistance

Ant-fungus-parasite coevolution
Great post by Myrmecos

(relatively) Unexplained things and what they mean
Post your favorite mysteries here!!

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