End of an Era
The demise of Uncommon Descent

The Bathroom Wall
A PT tradition

Evolutionary Computation
Stuff that drives AEs nuts

Board Mechanics

Science Break
News in science

A few new Quote mine items

The Global Warming Thread
Featuring Rep. Sheila Butt (R-TN)

YEC News
The young-earth news that's fit to spew

A Separate Thread for Gary Gaulin
As big as the poop that does not look

Climate Genocide
global warming is gonna be bad

Vox Day: Alpha Fail.
Rich veins of untapped Tard

Disco'tutes on FaceBook

In Test Tubes, RNA Molecules Evolve Into a Tiny Ec

Discussing "Explore Evolution"
Have at it.

The Ten Year Anniversary of Dover

the shiny new ID journal

Open comments and archive

Evolution and COVID-19
Risk analysis for immunization

Uncommonly Dense Thread 5
Return To Teh Dingbat Buffet

Pandas Thumb revival
Some familiar names

Steve Story

The Biologic Institute Thread
The DI's top secret lab, revealed!

Some thoughts on UD contributor BarryA.
Ironies included.

Joe G.'s Tardgasm
How long can it last?

Cornucopia of Covidiocy
Step Right Up, Free Of Charge

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