A link from the NCSE
ID dies in Texas

proposed antiID tactic
let's take the fight to THEM . . . .

The Law of Evolution

eugenics and fundies

Quotes & Misquotes
Antievolutionist misuse of authorities

The best anti-ID book ever !!!!
Well, maybe not -- but it's MINE, dammit

Just Sharing a Video

Review of Richard Weikart: From Darwin to Hitler
Yet another DI-CSC fellow evangelizing

If creationism should be taught, so should...
the Flying Spaghetti Monster theory

Fighting Religion with Religion
A Religion based on Reality

evolutionary popularity

Towards the public understanding of science

South Carolina Panel votes for creationism

Oklahoma "Academic Freedom Act"/Creationist Bill

Thanks for "The Wedge"
Added it to Church of Reality Site

Kansas accepts IDio - The Intelligent Designer GOD

Post-Modern Critical Anti-Evolutionism
Can't evolutionists be post-modern too?

Internet sites on the Kitzmiller v. Dover case

Advice on fighting antievolution
Searching other opinions on tactics

Kansas & teaching evolution
It's not over yet...

Politicized Pseudosciences
Why creationism and not vitalism?

)The U.S. Congress
What They Said

thoughts on the Dover classroom statementThe Dover

Some help with a research paper
Demographic poll

some thoughts on cobb county
cobb county decision and dover

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