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A few new Quote mine items

The Scientific Case Against Evolution
by Henry M. Morris, Ph.D.

A current leading evolutionist, Jeffrey Schwartz, professor of anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh, has recently acknowledged that:

   . . . it was and still is the case that, with the exception of Dobzhansky's claim about a new species of fruit fly, the formation of a new species, by any mechanism, has never been observed.

Jeffrey H. Schwartz, Sudden Origins (New York, John Wiley, 1999), p. 300.

In fact, the actual discussion by Schwartz was about the differences between Dobzhansky and Goldschmidt


"Evolution is baseless and quite incredible."—*Ambrose Flemming, President British Association for Advancement of Science, in The Unleashing of Evolutionary Thought.

Then we have “Ambrose Flemming.”

It should warn readers when the author of a creationist screed cannot get even names correctly spelled. Then it should warn readers that Ambrose “Flemming” did not write “The Unleashing of Evolutionary Thought.” He was dead.

Aside from that, Ambrose Fleming (1849-1945) was a PK (preacher's kid), and physicist interested in vacuum tube electronics. He was astoundingly successful in electronics. He had no training nor interest in biology. He was member of the creationist Victoria Institute which had the stated objective “to defend the great truths revealed in Holy Scripture ... against the opposition of Science falsely so called." It was reinvented in 1932 as the "Evolution Protest Movement."

The special lies in this "quote" are that; The Quote was the invention of Oscar Riddle in his 1954 book, "The Unleashing Of Evolutionary Thought"; Dr. Riddle also invented the fraud that Ambrose Fleming was the president of the British Association for Advancement of Science in 1935; The 1935 President was William Whitehead Watts, a geologist; Fleming was never President of the BAAS. The final irony is that Dr. Riddle was intensely anti-Catholic, and anti-religion in general.


Grassé (1895-1985) was one of the last supporters of the French tradition of Lamarckism.
"Present-day ultra-Darwinism, which is so sure of itself, impresses incompletely informed biologists, misleads them, and inspires fallacious interpretations.”

"Through use and abuse of hidden postulates, of bold, often ill-founded extrapolations, a pseudoscience has been created. It is taking root in the very heart of biology and is leading astray many biochemists and biologists, who sincerely believe that the accuracy of fundamental concepts has been demonstrated, which is not the case." —*Pierre P. Grasse, The Evolution of Living Organisms (1977), p. 202.


"It is inherent in any definition of science that statements that cannot be checked by observation, are not really saying anything—or at least they are not science." —*George G. Simpson, " The Nonprevalence of Humanoids, " in Science 143 (1964) p. 770.

A popular quote used by creationists from George G. Simpson, is from "The Nonprevalence of Humanoids," Science 143 (1964) p. 770. Creationists falsely claimed Simpson is referring to evolutionary biology.

The actual article is freely accessible. The topic was the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. Simpson is very critical of the idea that "exobiology" be taken as a real science "fact" as there was no evidence (in 1964) of even the numbers of planets in our galaxy. Further, there was no evidence (in 1964) of liquid water anywhere in our solar system other than on Earth.

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