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Alan Fox

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Joined: Aug. 2005

(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 23 2021,02:01   

Pandas Thumb, with which "After the Bar Closes" was closely associated back in 2005, has ben revamped after a long period offline. Just might interest some of you looking in here still who were unaware PT is back. Some familiar voices and a recent Nick Matzke article.

They are using Discus software but no site is perfect.

Joe Felsenstein

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Joined: Feb. 2012

(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 26 2021,02:35   

A small correction.  Panda's Thumb did not have a "long downtime".  It was down for two months in mid-2020 owing to a server crash and the need for its webpages to be reconfigured to be served up from Github instead.  It also had a long fallow period from 2016 to 2018 when the estimable Matt Young wrote many of the posts, to keep the blog alive.  I think it is now clearer that having a blog where arguments against evolutionary biology can be dissected and have their faults discussed continues to be important.  Those who kept PT going through that period deserve the thanks of prokaryote and upkaryote alike.  But it was not down then.

Joe Felsenstein

Posts: 5
Joined: Feb. 2012

(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 26 2021,14:18   

Oops, typos: autocorrect changed "eukaryote" to "upkaryote".  And Alan Fox said "long period offline" rather than "long downtime".

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