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Posted by: Wesley R. Elsberry on Sep. 20 2007,06:37

Answers in Genesis has a page up, < So you want to be a ‘creation scientist’ … >, which looks in form rather like many another page offering tips on entering this or that field. It links to various other pages, including one on picking a college. That one says that it might be better for the student to attend a secular institution rather than a Christian college that espouses theistic evolution. Yep, "secular humanism" is better for you than theistic evolution, according to AiG. At least, they think budding "creation scientists" are less likely to be tempted to ditch their YEC-ness in favor of "secular humanism" than they are to adopt theistic evolution.
Posted by: Henry J on Sep. 20 2007,23:08

I read on another thread that any field with "science" as part of its name, isn't. ;)


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