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In a nutshell, she neither appreciated nor agreed with her portayal by the media.  She also got a TON of nasty comments, which apparently lead to her taking the blog down temporarily.

To all the people who have felt the need to mock, insult, curse and/or pointlessly argue on this blog, this is my first and last post to you. Following this post, I am reclaiming my blog. I never started this blog with the intention of spreading a message to hundreds of people. It was and will continue to be merely my thoughts and experiences written out for my own reflection.

I read through the comments that were posted on my now infamous Pianka post. Yes, every single one of them. A huge problem people seemed to have was “who gets to choose who lives and who dies?” For some reason, y’all got it into your heads that I thought I got to choose. Where that came from, I have no idea, but that was more or less the point of why a virus is a more fair way of lowering population is that nobody chooses. Actually, let me just say right now that all the people posting on my blog with assumptions about me, just stop.

Many people have referred to me as a potential bioterrorist, that I am encouraging idiots to go out and murder billions of people in the name of ecology. Don’t be ridiculous. As others have also posted, there is a huge difference between identifying a problem and telling people to start killing the masses. I understand the fear that so many of y’all posted (repeatedly) of how some person may read my blog or listen to Dr. Pianka and then get the idea to go poison our waters, but let me just say that the person who does this is already insane before they ever read my blog and hardly needs a catalyst to start committing murder.

I do not want it at all implied that I advocate mass killing or genocide. I'm not particularly eager to see a virus wipe out myself and the hypothetical 90% of the world population, but I do see it as being fairly inevitable. Realistically, what are the chances of the world actually recognizing our population problem and stop having children? No politician will ever be elected on the platform that the world is already too populated and things like foreign aid is only worsening the problem. And honestly, I don't think any politician ever should because I cannot imagine a person so cruel-hearted as to refuse bread to someone who is hungry. That is not the person I want surviving into the next era of humans. So I am not sure what the answer should be. Should we take care of the earth, and try to restore it even though it seems fairly futile now that it can ever be truly saved? YES……... [Dr. Pianka] knows that actually calling for the end to better health care, taking care of the elderly, and giving foreign aid would never work, and I hope to God that he knows that it is also MORALLY WRONG to do so.

Quote (afdave @ Oct. 02 2006,18:37)
Many Jews were in comfortable oblivion about Hitler ... until it was too late.
Many scientists will persist in comfortable oblivion about their Creator ... until it is too late.

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