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(Permalink) Posted: June 25 2006,20:32   

Reichert's rival needs to avoid 'liberal' tag
Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
.. What I saw was conclusive evidence, beyond "Intelligent Design," that
Darwin's theory on evolution of the human species was wrong. ...

Bice's letter on intelligent design doesn't cite evidence
MSU State News - East Lansing,MI,USA
With the latest string of evolution and intelligent design opinion columns
and letters in The State News, I figured we should be hearing from our
good friend ...

The Daily Dose: Bees, billiards and beliefs
Science &amp; Theology News - Quincy,MA,USA
.. Because, their grand conceptual error is in believing that their incantation
of Intelligent Design is the only alternative to Darwinian evolution.
(Skeptic). ...

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