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Posted by: improvius on Jan. 25 2006,04:18

Here are some < NC high school students' perspectives > on the "debate".

And, from that very same high school, a < research assignment on creationism vs. evolution > is stirring things up.
Posted by: improvius on Jan. 25 2006,04:24

Here's < another article > on the research assignment discussed above.
Posted by: Tyrannosaurus on Jan. 25 2006,04:44

Scary that even in an honors course you could find so much ignorance used in arguments. Remember these are smart kids in an upper level course.
Posted by: improvius on Jan. 25 2006,04:47

Well, take a good look at the link in my 2nd post.  It will give you a couple of hints as to the quality of the science education they are receiving.

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