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INTELLIGENT design is topic of winter term kickoff talk
The Jackson Citizen-Patriot - Jackson,MI,USA
"Intelligent Design: Science or ... The winter term includes four courses:
"Darwin, Evolution and the Evidence," offered from 2 to 4 pm Jan. 17,
24 and 31 and Feb. ...
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FAIRFIELD professors debate the new science standards
Fairfield Mirror (subscription) - Fairfield,CT,USA
In the midst of a roiling national debate about evolution and intelligent
design, the Kansas Board of Education's adoption of new science standards,
which ...
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A Truth Science and Religion Have In Common
The Baltimore Chronicle - Baltimore,MD,USA
.. This commonality has been obscured by the intelligent design/evolution
trial in Dover, Pennsylvania. The disputants about school ...
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DEBATE on creationism delayed in SC
Charlotte Observer - Charlotte,NC,USA
.. standards with the exception of the part dealing with evolution, which
it ... Wednesday that, while he personally favors the concept of intelligent
design, he is ...
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