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Posted by: dougp59 on Nov. 03 2006,11:03


The mystery of T-Rex.  

Everybody loves T-Rex!  How can you not love an 11,000-lb. behemoth sporting razor sharp teeth that is 46 ft long!  

In spite of its size, there is a dire absence of transitional fossils that would of course be smaller.  

One supposed distant relative was found in China.  Itís remains were barely five feet long!

That is quite a leap of faith, eh?

Question #7  Given the sheer size of T-Rex, there should be plenty of gradual transitional fossils clearly showing the development of T-Rex from a smaller ancestor.  Where are these transitional fossils?  Where are the 30, 20 and 10 foot long fossil specimens of its' predecessors?  Why do they not exist?

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