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skeptic griggsy


(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 30 2007,04:11   

Evolution is dysteological whereas theology is teleological. Theistic evolution tries to merge the two, therefore, contradictoriy. That would be the new Omphalos argument that it is only apparent that natural selection works independently whereas God so deceives us thereby as he guides it. No, selection is independent!
   Theists try to obivate this contradiction with a two category classification of origins or contingency and creation[ theology] or necessary being.That begs the question of the second category as Malcolm Diamond shows in his book on philosophy of religion.
   This is from a philosophical naturalist viewpoint. However, from the viewpoint of religion, they can successfully merge! This is where theists are right.
  So, we should adulate Francisco Jose Ayala and Kenneth Miller for their excellent work in defense of evolution. It is right for religious bodies to defend theistic evolution from their viewpoint.
  Naturalists and theists should find common ground in defense of evolution.
 Special creationists do indeed a disservice to their God!  :D

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