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Posted by: VoxRat on Jan. 22 2003,17:01

Doing a little idle bottom-feeding, I ran across this gem from Jonathan Wells' website:

"Dr. Wells's work in developmental biology poses a serious challenge to the neo-Darwinian idea that random mutations can create new body plans and organisms. "

Anyone know of any conceivable basis for this rather bold claim?

:0 VR
Posted by: theyeti on Jan. 22 2003,20:05

No, there is no conceivable basis for this claim.  Wells has not done any research that is relevant to evolutionary biology, and in fact he's done hardly any research of any kind at all.  In ten years of post-graduate study, he managed to get all of two papers published, neither of which he was first author on.  This claim is therefore a falsehood, but whether it's purpertrated by him or others is hard to tell.  The fact that it appears on his Icons website is pretty damning, but then again the members of the ID movement have a habit of puffing each other up.

You can read a discussion of this particular issue and the related issue of Wells' honesty on < this > ARN thread.


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