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Posted by: moioci on April 14 2005,01:04

In his latest newsletter, Scott Adams of Dilbert fame gets into the ID debate in a typically offbeat way:
< >

Look under "Strange Thought of the Day"; I don't want to spoil it, but I will say he starts from these premises:
# DNA has a lot of "junk" parts that don't seem to have any function.
# A lot of people think evolution is obviously "designed" by someone.

Kaloopah, indeed
Posted by: dandrake on May 16 2005,00:24

< John Walker > wrote < that story > many years ago. By mentioning it I'm perpetrating a spoiler, of course; sorry.  Maybe you could engage the willing suspension of memory?

Sorry if this is messed up. I'm doing a preview, but this is my first post, and who knows what will happen?

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