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Posted by: Richardthughes on May 11 2015,15:55


Barry Arrington:
Barry deletes every post Aurelio Smith ever made May 2015 < >

I'll edit this first post as the references come in. As close to a sticky as we can do , I think.

Posted by: Richardthughes on May 11 2015,15:58

I think the desired format will be by entity, a brief describtion, date and link.

So Me might have:

Barry Arrington:
Barry deletes every post Aurelio Smith ever made May 2015 < >

Posted by: Leftfield on May 14 2015,19:59

< BA77 >:

Another clue that morals are not reducible to a material basis is the fact that when someone does something that they don’t feel right about, they don’t say ‘my morals are bothering me’ but they always say that ‘my consciousness is bothering me’.
And as we all know, or as we all should know, consciousness refuses to be reduced to a material basis

May 14, 2015
Posted by: Tony M Nyphot on May 15 2015,00:49

David Springer
< DaveScot jumps ship at UD: >
July 18, 2006 at 4:44 pm


DaveScot says:
July 18, 2006 at 4:44 pm

I hate to disappoint the church burnin’ ebola boys but I won’t be commenting on UD in the future. I just told the smarmy Canadian cross dresser to go fuck itself in an email. It would have banned me in any case as it’s nowhere near as cool as Bill Dembski. The stick up its disgusting ass could make a redwood feel inadequate. I’m going to go ahead and forgive Bill for this monumental brainfart as he’s going through some long term bad shit on the homefront with a sick child. I felt bad about bailing out on him at a time like this but he forced my hand. No big deal. I had a few extra hours today to finish rebuilding the carbs on my jetboat (it’s back together and running great) and throw a ball in the water for my puppy. He’s napping at my feet on the houseboat at the moment. I think we’ll go out for a swim and then take the jetboat for a longer validation run.

P.S. if my dog was as ugly as the Canadian cross dresser I’d shave his ass and teach him to walk backwards.

HAHAHA – I kill me sometimes!


Not sure how one would encapsulate the master baiting that eventually lured Dave into ditching Dembski for a 17 year old lesbian marine but petard hoisting has rarely achieved the height displayed in this comment.
Posted by: Soapy Sam on May 15 2015,04:13

The LNC Wars. See things my way or you're out. If I don't like you, you're out. In fact just fuck off the lot of you.

See also: General Amnesty. Come back.

See also: one by one, you are 'no longer with us'.

See also: "Hey, where you going? Come on back here and eat your liver!".
Posted by: Aliraza1166 on Oct. 30 2015,00:15

Next video will be on white privilege.????
Posted by: fusilier on Oct. 30 2015,06:22

deleted.  Off topic, sorry.

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