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(Permalink) Posted: April 11 2013,23:15   

I'm late too. Hope you have recovered.

We no longer say: “Another day; another bad day for Darwinism.” We now say: “Another day since the time Darwinism was disproved.”
-PaV, Uncommon Descent, 19 June 2016


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(Permalink) Posted: April 13 2013,00:15   

Hey thanks AtBCers.

Just got back from a short trip, only 650 miles to the job this time.

A big kia ora and hongi to Deadman but that will be 300,000 Franc CFA thanks, cheaper for a short time.

And a hat tip to dvunkannon! A real farce de tard P.A.R.O.D.Y. I had to read that a few times to make sure I didn't write it. NEXT TIME WRITE IT IN CAPS! HOMO!!!

And Richardhughes I miss those days as well where the f*k IS ARDEN????

The rest of you? meh... I like a good ragging and I don't mind a little Vogon poetry either.

Here's what one of my kids sent me.

An accordion playing cat smoking a cigarette

"I get a strong breeze from my monitor every time k.e. puts on his clown DaveTard suit" dogdidit
"ID is deader than Lenny Flanks granmaws dildo batteries" Erasmus
"I'm busy studying scientist level science papers" Galloping Gary Gaulin

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