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(Permalink) Posted: May 03 2005,14:04   

Teleologist it seems that you are badly confused.

For a start you seem unable to understand that identifying the designers are human is at least a good start.  And your own post identifies three of the crop circles as human creations.  In the case of Stonehenge the archaeology indicates human presence at the time of the (various) construction periods, and the stones themselves are within the capabilities of humans with the technology of the time.  Why then is the conclusion of human design so objectionable to you ?  

Nor do you address my point that generating testable explanations for observations is a very important part of science.  Nor do you explain why an absolute refusal to even attempt to generate such explanations is "scientific".

Finally it would be a good idea to refrain from the use of strawmen.  Darwinism does argue that the evidence is against life having been designed by an entity of completely unknown capabilities and intentions.  The primary arguments for Darwinism are positive arguments.  There are secondary arguments against design which assume a designer whose capabilities and intentions are understandable, but there is no need to argue against the vacuous idea of a designer who could and might do anything.


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{Chuckle, chuckle} This post has given me such a good laugh!
Teleologist is a blathering ignoramus incapable of forming an argument. Evolution is quite safe from the likes of him (or her). ID Creationists should be worried though.
Disclaimer: No American black voters were harmed in the posting of this thread.


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(Permalink) Posted: May 19 2005,00:53   

To circle back to the main theme of this thread, I suggest that participants read Multiple Designers Theory.  While it may not be to Finley's taste, I did briefly discuss issues associated with some properties of designed objects that might be expected to flow from the fact that designers vary in their knowledge, skills, and abilities.


"There are only two ways we know of to make extremely complicated things, one is by engineering, and the other is evolution. And of the two, evolution will make the more complex." - Danny Hillis.

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