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Posted by: Mr_Christopher on Jan. 12 2006,06:03

I'd be interested in reading some of the blogs here that folks might have.  Post a link to it here?

I'm thinking about starting one myself and I am in the early stages of looking at software.
Posted by: Wesley R. Elsberry on Jan. 13 2006,06:31

< The Austringer >

I use the WordPress package. This is a PHP-based dynamic system (every request is fulfilled by making database requests and building the XHTML output on the server). It has customizable look-and-feel through themes, built-in support for podcasting, tons of available plug-ins, and a pretty good administration interface. And it comes under a GPL license.

< The Panda's Thumb >

Panda's Thumb uses Movable Type 3.2, a commercial weblog package. MT is a Perl-based system that "builds" static pages from post and comment database entries. When you make a change to a template that has site-wide effects, you must "rebuild" everything on the site to have this be seen. MT also is very customizable, with a good administration interface. The makers of MT, Six Apart, have gone to a more restrictive licensing setup in that a greater portion of the people who use it now are expected to pay than in earlier major versions. Non-profit organizations can use the software for free to run a weblog.

< >

The home page of now runs using the CivicSpace Content Management System. CivicSpace (CS) is a package that builds on the Drupal CMS, and it provides weblogging for every registered user on the system (if so configured by the admin). As a full CMS, CivicSpace does a lot more stuff than either WP or MT. As a weblog, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that WP or MT provide for that particular function. Underneath the hood, CS uses PHP and MySQL to deliver dynamic content. There are lots of plug-ins available, look-and-feel is done by themes, and there is plenty of customization that can be done. Because of all the options, though, administration is a bigger job. CS comes under a GPL license.
Posted by: Mr_Christopher on Jan. 13 2006,07:41

Thanks Wesley, this is most helpful.

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