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Posted by: olegt on Dec. 30 2006,07:56

It's official: ID is a game played by creationists.  
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Posted by: olegt on Dec. 30 2006,08:06

The board game is designed by evangelists Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron of the Left Behind fame.  

And to top it off, Bill Dembski is basking in glory: < >

You can't make this up!
Posted by: pwe on Jan. 03 2007,09:04

:D  :D  :D  - Thanks for the info.

From the ad for the game:

"Intelligent Design vs Evolution" is unique in that the playing pieces are small rubber brains and each team plays for "brain" cards. Each player uses his or her brains to get more brains, and the team with the most brains wins. It has been designed to make people think . . . and that's exactly what it does.

So, the team with the most rubber brains wins. Guess, which team that would be.

- pwe

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