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Posted by: acriticaleye on May 26 2006,08:03

woah guys, if your perfect then by all means attack someone's record but who is/has?
Posted by: Corkscrew on May 26 2006,12:22

We're not perfect. That's why, when attempting to contribute to the sum of human knowledge, we operate via a process that's very good at weeding out daft errors.

Hovind doesn't have that kind of humility, and a direct result of this is that his talks have enough egregious mistakes in to make a serious biologist/palaeontologist/geologist/cosmologist/archaeologist vomit.

What's really really annoying is that his audiences seem not to care.
Posted by: acriticaleye on May 28 2006,16:39

i see what you mean. im not for some of his religous ideas because hes a baptist. what mistakes has he made that you can point out?
Posted by: ChrisPelletier on June 23 2006,03:12

Quote (acriticaleye @ May 28 2006,21:39)
what mistakes has he made that you can point out?


1st post on this board. I happened upon this board and this was the first post I saw. I just had to respond because hacks like Hovid only help in hurting Christianity.

I think that Hovidís transgressions range farther than just mistakes. The basic foundation of expertise is in question. He claims to be a Doctor, but he received his PhD from a diploma mill. (Coincidentally for $500 you could probably get a PhD from Patriot university as well).

Here are a few links that illustrate Hovidís inadequacy:
A review of his doctoral dissertaiton:
< > page questioning Hovidís claims, arguments and credentials:
< >

I think that when a person like Hovid comes around you have to ask yourself a couple of questions. Right off the bat, how can one guy refute the central theories in several scientific disciplines? He claims to be an expert in biology, physics and other sciences. Iím not saying that is impossible, but I am saying it is highly unlikely. This should be a warning flag to tell anyone to be skeptical of this personís claims.
Here we have a guy who says that he can refute all scientific claims not aligned with biblical creation. You may think that this is appealing, but just because it sounds right in line with your faith based beliefs, doesnít make it science.
I hope this helps, and please ask more questions.


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