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Hey Micah,

I think it all depends on what your (group) goals really are.  If one of the goals is to promote ID/provide a forum for IDists to publish, or to critique modern evolutionary theory, then just say it up front and go ahead and do it, it's your journal.

If on the other hand you want something with broader appeal, you will have to find some method of editing/review that excludes things like "Yet Another Article Based on a Misunderstanding of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics" or "Re-publication of Article by IDist X" or "Miscellaneous Antievolutionary Ramblings".  Perhaps some requirement that contributions represent something *novel*, that "move the ball foward" (or backward, even), whatever the ball may be, would be a position-neutral way of doing this.

E.g., "A Hypothetical Explicit Model for the Main Periods of Intervention in the Evolution of Life by an Intelligent Designer".  IMO the most important thing is not going around trying to prove evolution wrong, it is for ID to come up with its own explicit hypotheses and proposing/conducting tests of them.  Explicit hypotheses "advance the ball" of the discussion even if they are wrong.

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